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Courting the future

By Taina Lyons

I’m courting the Future

With a sideways glance,

and forward glance

and backward glance,

I see them,

a vision of beauty,

brilliant garments woven

with patterns from nature

and rainbow hues

I’m courting the future,

beckoning them with a smile,

whispering to my child,

“Will you go tell them I want to meet them?”

They come closer,

but do not touch me,

not yet,

although I see them in so many spaces

where I play and work and grieve

I’ll better myself for you, Future

you’re worth it

I see myself and my belonging more clearly

because of you

You’ve inspired so many of us in this way,

I want to tell them

If you come,

meet me here in the present

and take my hand.

I’ll follow you wherever you lead

I’ll call you by any one of your many names:

justice, peace, mystery,

flower, river, nest,

oak, elk, stone

I’ll bury a time capsule

and in 100 years or 1000

we can open it together

and look at these old love letters

and all of the bullets

and songs and species we used to know

AI art inspired by Ithell Colquhoun

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